About Us

The Preschool Curriculum will encourage children to be actively involved in the learning process, to experience a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials, and to pursue their own interests.  All aspects of the curriculum will be responsive to family, community, as well as cultural and personal diversity.  Experiences provided will meet children's needs and stimulate learning in all developmental areas; physical, social, emotional, language, aesthetic, and intellectual.  Interactions and activities will be designed to develop children's self-esteem and positive feelings towards learning.  Curriculum content from various discipline will be integrated through themes, projects, play, reading, songs, finger plays, movement, and other learning experiences so that children develop an understanding of concepts and make connections across disciplines. 
Key Experiences
1. Social and Emotional
2. Representation
3. Using Language
4. Logical Reasoning
5. Seriation
6. Number Concepts
7. Spacial Relations
8. Time
9. Movement Physical
10. Alphabet Recognition