2024-25 Registration Information

*** for specific questions about all preschool registration, please email Britt Travis at [email protected]

Preschool for Four Year Olds 
  • All children who are four-years old, on or before September 1, 2024, are eligible for free district half-day (15hours) preschool (AM session) through Universal Preschool (UPK) programming.
  • Families who are interested in FREE PRESCHOOL (UPK) are required to complete the UPK application and the Bennett 29J Enrollment Application.  BOTH must be completed before children will be enrolled.  When you register please make sure you choose 15 hours! If you do not, you run the risk of being placed on a waitlist and not getting a spot at Bennett Preschool

  • 4 Year Old Preschool UPK application:
  • 4 Year Old Preschool Bennett Application:
There will be two options for FULL Day preschool for 4 year olds:
1. FREE FULL DAY 4 year old Preschool- All students will qualify due to income and another qualifying factor BUT parents MUST submit the required income documents for this to be considered at the time of the application.  IF income documents are not submitted at the time of the application, students will NOT be placed in full day. 
2. TUITION FULL DAY 4 year old Preschool- Any 4-year old student who will not qualify due to income is welcome to sign up for tuition Full Day Preschool.  Tuition will be $350 a month.  When filling out the UPK application, ***make sure to choose 15 hours as the option*** and email [email protected] to request full day and get on the list.
Preschool for Three Year Olds 
***Preschool for 3 year olds enrollment is full, you may still apply to be added to the waitlist***
  • Priority for 3 year old spots will be given to students with IEPs and students with 3 or more qualifying factors.
  • All 3 year olds with 3 or more qualifying factors will receive FREE 10 hours of preschool a day (afternoon session 1-3:30pm)
  • Students who are three-years old, on or before September 1, 2024 can select tuition or UPK for those with a qualifying factor. Limited funds are available to support three-year olds with a qualifying factor. View UPK’s qualifying factors on the Colorado Department of Early Childhood’s UPK website. 
  • Families who are interested and qualify for UPK are required to complete the Bennett 29J application and Bennett Preschool will confirm qualifying factors once your application has been received.

    3 Year Old Preschool Bennett Application:
  • Families who are not interested in engaging in the UPK process, who do not qualify for UPK, are welcome to enroll in preschool as a tuition paying family. Tuition will be $350 a month.
**Should you have ANY questions or need help with your application, we are happy to serve you! Please contact [email protected] and we will gladly walk you through the application process!***